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DTL Focus meeting: Creating a Bioinformatics and Data Stewardship Service Center Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Creating a Bioinformatics and Data Stewardship Service Center. Over the last few years bioinformatics is becoming a commodity that is essential for modern-day biology and clinical research. As a result, many research institutes, ranging from UMCs, universities and research oriented companies are setting up ‘bioinformatics facilities’ that are aimed at delivering state-of-the-art bioinformatics services, consultancy on data management and stewardship, education, HPC coordination, and more. In this meeting we would like to establish a dialogue among the bioinformaticians that are involved in setting up and/or managing a bioinformatics facility in order to learn from each other what the best practices are and pitfalls that should be avoided. Continue reading
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Interview: on data challenges in agricultural science

Dr Ernst van den Ende and Dr Richard Finkers of Wageningen UR are on top of the recent developments in the field of agricultural science. “Growing enough food sustainably for the expanding world population presents a formidable challenge. We will need sophisticated data handling techniques to face this challenge,” says Van den Ende.

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