Dutch ELIXIR Node officially established

ELIXIR-NL was officially approved and formally established at the first ELIXIR Board meeting earlier this month, together with the ELIXIR Nodes of Denmark, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, the Czech Republic and EMBL-EBI. The Dutch Node is hosted and coordinated by DTL.

During the meeting a template Collaboration Agreement was adopted. This agreement will form the basis for individual country-specific Collaboration Agreements that will be negotiated between the ELIXIR Hub and each of the ELIXIR Nodes. Each Node will involve its local partners to deliver unique services and will therefore need a tailor-made agreement.

Together the ELIXIR Heads of Nodes will now start assembling node strengths into a collective programme.

With the involvement of Dutch groups, an operational ELIXIR team is being installed to develop the data services portfolio of ELIXIR-NL, and to set up the collaboration with other large European infrastructures such as BBMRI, EATRIS and Eurobioimaging.

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