Norvig Web Data Science Award 2014

SURFsara and Common Crawl wish to give everybody the possibility to analyze open web data. Because of this they are hosting the second edition of the Norvig Web Data Science Award, a challenge to all researchers and students in the Benelux. Free access is provided to the SURFsara Hadoop cluster with a copy of the full Common Crawl web crawl from March 2014 – almost 3 billion web pages.

Participants are completely free in choosing their research question and they can test it by performing their own Big Data analysis using MapReduce or PigLatin.

The winning team will get a Nexus tablet, Pebble smartwatch and Github small plan for a year.

The deadline for the submission of your results is August 1, 2014. Read more about the contest on the SURFsara website. You can sign up via!

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