DTL welcomes first fifteen Partners

DTL is proud to announce its first fifteen formal Partners. By signing the DTL Partner Agreement, Delft University of Technology, University of Groningen, Groningen University Medical Center, Utrecht University, Utrecht University Medical Centre, VU University Amsterdam, TNO, CWI, TU Eindhoven, University of Amsterdam, SURF and the companies DSM, Elsevier, BaseClear, Euretos, Genetwister show their commitment to DTL and its aim to establish a world-class integrated life science research infrastructure.

“The technology and data challenges in the life sciences domain are far too great to be handled by institutes on their own. We need to work together to tackle these problems”, states Professor Karel Luyben, rector magnificus of Delft University of Technology, and Chairman of the DTL Board. He expresses his enthusiasm about DTL: “DTL is the ideal collaborative platform where partners active in separate sectors of the broader life sciences can bundle their efforts and solve the issues at hand in an efficient manner, making sure not to reinvent the wheel over and over again. Besides, it will be much easier to connect our local activities to major international initiatives.”

Hans Roubos, Principal Scientist Bioinformatics & Modeling at DSM couldn’t agree more, and points out why his company joined DTL: “DTL brings together academia and industry, connecting technology providers with technology users across sectors. By becoming a partner DSM will have access to the latest methods and standards in life science technologies and research data management. We also believe that integrating and combining technologies is the way to go forward, a viewpoint that is echoed by DTL.”

Partners jointly design the DTL strategy through their active involvement in DTL’s programmes and the DTL Partner Advisory Committee. If you consider joining DTL, please contact DTL director dr. Ruben Kok: ruben.kok[at]dtls.nl.

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