ELIXIR Innovation and SME forum: Registration open

Data-driven innovation in the agri-food industries, Wageningen, Netherlands, 18-19 March 2015

Dear Industry stakeholder,

We are delighted to announce that the ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum in Wageningen, Netherlands, is now open for registration.

Want to benefit from the big data revolution and to use big data for your R&D? Looking to use Europe’s free and commercial bioinformatics resources in your company’s R&D processes? Want to network with other research and data intensive companies? Come to the ELIXIR Innovation and SME forum at the Wageningen UR campus, Netherlands, on 18-19 March 2015.

The forum is aimed at agri-food companies that use public bioinformatics resources in their business and would like to further streamline this process. The event is jointly organised by ELIXIR-NL and the ELIXIR Hub and is particularly relevant for large and small companies active in the animal, plant sciences and food domains. It will:

  • Introduce you to some of the free tools, data resources and services that are available through ELIXIR
  • Stimulate interaction between participants and support the long term innovation of the participating companies
  • Allow for networking with other companies and ELIXIR partners during the reception and poster sessions

Speakers include:

  • Mark Forster, Syngenta
  • Jan Geurts, Friesland Campina
  • Jacob de Vlieg, Bayer Crop Science
  • Jurgen Nijkamp, Bejo
  • Addie Vereijken, Hendrix Genetics
  • Timo Doeswijk, Keygene
  • Ruben Kok, DTL and ELIXIR Netherlands
  • Niklas Blomberg, ELIXIR Europe
  • Luiz Olavo Bonino, DTL and ELIXIR Netherlands
  • Hadi Quesneville, INRA, France
  • Rick van de Zedde, European Plant Phenotyping Network

Full programme and registration

The Programme Committee includes:

  • Richard Finkers (WUR / DTL Agrogenomics)
  • Joy Friesner (ELIXIR)
  • Andy Smith (ELIXIR)
  • Addie Vereijken (Hendrix Genetics, affiliated with Breed4Food)
  • Bernard de Geus (Breed4Food & VLPB)
  • Merlijn van Rijswijk (DTL and ELIXIR Netherlands)
  • Femke Francissen (DTL and ELIXIR Netherlands))
  • Rob Hooft (DTL and ELIXIR Netherlands))
  • Laurens Kroon (Bejo Seeds, affiliated with VLPB)
  • Jan-Peter Nap (WUR)

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