ERACoSysMed 1st transnational call now open

The call on ‘European Research Projects to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of systems medicine’ is now open. Deadline for submitting pre-proposals is March 30, 2015.

The first systems medicine Joint Transnational Call with EU co-funding (JTC-1) aims at the development of Proof of Concept and success stories (demonstrator projects) in Systems Medicine to improve understanding and show the utility of this approach in a clinical setting. Projects shall specifically demonstrate the translation of Systems Biology approaches into medical research and practice (Proof of Concept). JTC-1 is opened simultaneously by all ERACoSysMed partners in their respective countries on 16 February 2015.

Systems Medicine Research
The overall aim of Systems Medicine research is to provide a modern systems-based approach to medical practice. This will lead to early stage medical intervention resulting in the prevention of many clinical diseases, the reduction in disease severity, and the ability to apply resources strategically and wisely.This approach is fundamentally different from the prevailing practice of classical medicine, which is typically characterized by a reactive approach, whereby intervention only occurs once a disease has already manifested itself. Systems Medicine aims to understand diseases as a complex interplay of many different biological and clinical networks on multiple levels (e.g. cells, tissues, organs and organism) and dimensions, including co-morbidities.

ERACoSysMed aims to enhance the implementation of Systems Medicine approaches in both clinical research and medical practice throughout Europe and Israel. The challenge of establishing Systems Medicine in Europe (and beyond) will be addressed by developing transnational cooperation between national ministries and funding bodies and a common research funding framework for Systems Medicine.

More information
All background information and call documents can be found on the ERACoSysMed website:

For the Netherlands, ZonMw is partner in ERACoSysMed and joins the first call for proposals.


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