Maastricht University appoints Chris Evelo professor ‘Bioinformatics for integrative systems biology’

chris.evelo_1350397923_03Professor Chris Evelo will deliver his inaugural lecture ‘Puzzling with the pathways of life’ March 6, 16.30 at the Aula of Maastricht University. Everyone interested is welcome to attend the lecture.

Chris Evelo, one of the founding members of DTL, will occupy an endowed chair in ‘Bioinformatics for integrative systems biology’. He is head of the Department of Bioinformatics – BiGCaT at Maastricht University, which he started in 2001. His main research interest is to integrate different bioinformatics approaches to allow real understanding of the data generated in large scale genomics experiments.

University Maastricht is a prospective member of DTL.

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