DTL partnership grows to over 25 partners in one year

In March 2014, less than a year ago, TU Delft was the first organisation to sign the generic DTL Partner Agreement. Since then the DTL partnership has rapidly grown to 26 partners. DTL warmly welcomes its latest partner organisations Erasmus MC, Netherlands eScience Center, DLO, Maastricht UMC+ and bioinformatics services company The Hyve. The DTL Alliance meanwhile involves most Dutch universities and university medical centers, several private research institutes, plus already seven companies.

The DTL partners recently convened to exchange their in house capacities and strategy in the field of life science technologies and data stewardship, and they expressed their commitment to build DTL into an interactive and nationwide technology platform. The partners have gladly accepted the nomination of Professor Ronald Stolk as chairman of the DTL Partner Advisory Committee, where he formally represents both Groningen University Medical Centre and Groningen University.
Prof. Stolk, also director of the LifeLines biobanking project, emphasised the partners’ wish for DTL to act as the platform to coordinate the data aspects of life science research in the Netherlands, thereby linking relevant public infrastructure initiatives, public-private research initiatives, and involving academia and industry directly.
If you want to know more about joining DTL as a partner, please get in touch with Ruben Kok.

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