DTL research infrastructure vision pitched at KNAW

April 2015, the DTL Scientific Advisory Committee convened to discuss the scientific approach and priorities taken in DTL. The committee, chaired by Prof. Peter Luijten of UMCU, advised positively on the DTL approach to facilitate (and stimulate) ‘integrated life science research’, characterised by the involvement of a dynamic range of research infrastructures and data resources. As a driver for such research DTL (with its public and private partners) envisages the establishment of a network of interlinked research facilities and service labs of certified high quality and expertise. The current cluster of DTL technology ‘hotels’ can be an excellent basis for this. A collective (FAIR) data infrastructure should then serve as connecting backbone to facilitate data stewardship for discovery and decision making in research. DTL is currently preparing for this infrastructure and has, among others, pitched this ‘dream’ at the KNAW, the Royal Dutch Academy of Science, in its recent call for large-scale research infrastructure ideas. The proposal can be found here.

If you are interested in joining DTL in this mission to enable integrated life science research, and would like to be involved in realising (parts of) this infrastructure, please contact DTL director Ruben Kok.

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