Open PHACTS wins Linked Open Data award

Recently, Open PHACTS, the knowledge management project of IMI, was awarded first prize in the Linked Open Data Award category of the European Linked Data Contest (ELDC). Open PHACTS is an international 30 member consortium, with the VU, University of Maastricht, LUMC, and the former NBIC as Dutch contributors. DTL’s industrial partners The Hyve, Phortos Consultants and Micelio are amongst the 50+ associated partners of the project.  The Open PHACTS project shows the value of semantic interoperability of research data, and of public-private collaboration in realising a collective pre-competitive environment enabling in house knowledge discovery for all involved. The project essentially paved the way for the Data FAIRport initiative, a movement promoting FAIR data stewardship.

The ELDC has been established to recognise Europe’s crème de la crème of linked data and semantic web achievements. Prizes are awarded to stories, products, projects or persons presenting novel and innovative projects, products and industry implementations involving linked data. The ELDC also aims to build a directory of the best European projects in the domains of linked data and the semantic web.

An international jury of ambassadors from over 15 European countries elected Open PHACTS as the winner, judging that the Open PHACTS project excelled in all aspects of the contest’s assessment criteria.

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