DTL attractive for SME industry partners

The DTL partnership continues to grow rapidly, as more and more organisations realise they share similar challenges in employing high-end technologies and dealing with their life science research data. While the majority of Dutch academic parties have meanwhile joined the DTL network, DTL now also starts to attract life science and technology SME’s. In the last couple of months, six private partners joined DTL: AT Computing, iOS-Press, eNPicom, Phortos Consultants, Micelio and EdgeLeap, together adding a wide range of expertise to the table.

DTL’s director Ruben Kok finds it encouraging to see this group of companies join in. “With a strong focus in their area of expertise, products and services, these companies all have a dedication ‘to make things work’.” This fits the scope of DTL to work at a highly practical level within its programmes, and offer a platform to exchange both on long-term issues, as well as today’s challenges. AT Computing Technical Account manager Maurice Verheesen is enthusiastic about DTL as a platform: “In the past, we have been working with a broad spectrum of research institutes, mostly in educating researchers on various open source technology issues. Thanks to DTL we have been on tour to (re-)connect with companies and institutions in the life sciences. Through the various conversations we received new insights on the use and position of ICT in this research market”.

If you consider joining DTL as a partner, please get in touch with Ruben Kok.

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