Input requested for inventory of Dutch antibiotics research

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is concerned about the global rise of antibiotic resistance. Therefore, the Ministry, together with Top Sectors Life Sciences & Health, Chemistry and Agri & Food, strives for increased collaboration between Dutch research institutes, companies and other organisations involved in the development of antibiotics, or alternatives for these. The aim is to further improve the infrastructure for the research and development of new antibiotics, by setting up a national coordinating structure that connects, coordinates and represents the various public and private institutions and the associated projects and initiatives.

InnoTact Consulting BV was asked by the Ministry to work out an elaborate plan for such a collaborative structure in conjunction with the main players in the working field. InnoTact will make an inventory of Dutch antibiotics projects and would like to get in touch with parties involved in research or development that can lead to new antibiotics, or alternatives like peptides, bacteriophages or vaccines. If you’d like to showcase your research please send an email to Maarten van Dongen (, mentioning ‘Inventarisatie NL onderzoek antibiotica’.



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