Submit a proposal for BBMRI-NL’s voucher project

Biobanks are collections of samples, data and images of individuals. They are valuable resources for health research. BBMRI-NL, the research infrastructure for biobanks, has launched a voucher project, to promote high quality innovative scientific ideas as well as creative expressions across the entire range of biobanks. This includes not only access to datasets and tool development, but also enlargement of public knowledge on biobanking and stimulating engagement of participants and the general public.

Since the voucher project sets out to be a breeding ground for innovation and talent, voucher proposals must bring something special to the table. You can think of visualisation tools for data and information, infographics on biobank issues, quantified self data collection and integration, sample logistics, user-friendly graphical interfaces, information services for various target groups, or just use your imagination.

So, think outside the box, open your mind and submit your idea before December 15, 2015. You can apply for a voucher of € 20,000 to 40,000. Please read the invitation and fill out the application form.


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