AT Computing offers ‘Python for scientists’ courses

Over the years DTL partner AT computing noticed that the need for Python courses increased rapidly, particularly coming from scientists in a broad variety of domains; astronomy, geophysics, maritime technology, hydrology, biotechnology.  Their usual basic and advanced Python training didn’t cover all the needs of specific domains. On top of that, each domain appeared to have its own special applications and preferences in Python libraries. Therefore AT computing adapted their Python courses, making space and time for domain specific exercises (bring you own script).

In cooperation with excellent input from colleagues at the Groningen University, Philips Research, Astron and MARIN, AT computing developed a special “Python for Scientists”-toyscourse including Numerical Python-libraries, thus being the first in the Benelux!  The course providesscientists with a theoretical overview of the whole of the Numerical Python library and a practical indepth lecture of domain specific elements (decided on forehand).

AT computing offers the courses:

–  in version 3 as well as version 2.x, emphasizing the differences

– in English as well as in Dutch (that is the documentation included!)


Please check or call 024 – 352 72 82 (Inge Schats) for more information.


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