Successful previous three rounds result in a continuation of the Enabling technologies hotel programme

Good news for all our Technology Hotels! We are pleased to inform you that the Enabling Technologies Hotels programme will be continued in 2016/2017. ZonMw and NWO Earth and Life Sciences (ALW) are providing funds for the continuation, which is supported by the Top Sectors Agri&Food, Horticulture & Starting Materials and Life Sciences & Health. The Technology Hotel concept enables researchers (the guests) who do not have access to high-end technologies to obtain access to these technologies and the connected expertise and infrastructure via a service-oriented facility (the Hotel). The Technology Hotels are listed on the DTL website. These DTL-associated Technology Hotels offer external researchers a helping hand with their expertise and access to their state-of-the-art infrastructure. The programme is performed in a close collaboration of ZonMw, NWO and DTL.

Quality seal
“The Scientific Advisory Committee of DTL has advised us to develop and implement a quality seal for technology hotels” Merlijn van Rijswijk, manager of the DTL Technology programme explains. “In 2016 we will evaluate all the technology hotels. Some are excellent in developing novel technology, whereas others have great skills in applying existing technology in a specific area. We would like to indicate this on our website, thereby making it easier for guests to select the hotel that best suits their demands. In addition, we will also discuss with technology hotels how they can make their data FAIR, and especially to link different types of omics data. For this we will organise several BYOD (Bring Your Own Data) workshops in 2016. But first we will organise a focus meeting on this topic in the beginning of 2016.”

Third call will have success rate of about 50%
In the current third round a total of 54 projects were submitted. These projects are currently being evaluated and the granting decision by ZonMw is expected by February 2016. The total budget is 780,000 euros and the ZonMw programme team expects that a success rate of about 50% can be reached, similar to the 1st and 2nd round. “We are very pleased with this success rate, especially in comparison to some Horizon2020 programmes, where success rates has dropped to only a few percent or less” says Sander Hougee (ZonMw), manager of the Enabling Technology Hotels programme.


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