ELIXIR launches publication channel on F1000 research

Last week ELIXIR announced the launch of the ELIXIR F1000Research Gateway to publish its research and technical outputs. The ELIXIR Gateway is a collaboration between ELIXIR and the F1000 Research open science publication platform, please see the Editorial.

The ELIXIR Gateway on F1000Research comprises two separate channels – one for publishing ELIXIR’s research and strategy articles, and another for other outputs such as academic posters and slide presentations.

Niklas Blomberg, director of ELIXIR: “Rapid, transparent communication of our efforts to the wider research community is critical to ELIXIR success and so we are delighted to announce this new partnership. The immediate publication and open peer review provided by F1000Research are ideal tools to ensure community engagement and stimulate discussion.” Rebecca Lawrence, Managing Director of F1000, shares Niklas’ enthousiasm. “We look forward to working with ELIXIR on this exciting new project, which will not only share a wealth of valuable information but also enable scientists to get articles published quickly and transparently for peer review.”

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