Natal van Riel appointed as professor Computational Modelling at UvA

natal van rielNatal van Riel has been appointed as professor of Computational Modelling at DTL partner University of Amsterdam‘s Faculty of Medicine (AMC-UvA). Van Riel’s career is a prime example of the increasingly blurred boundaries between the traditional scientific disciplines. After studying Electrical Engineering he specialised in systems biology, where his knowledge of control systems and (electrical) networks proved highly useful. Van Riel conducts research on the development and application of computer models for metabolism and metabolic networks.

Computer models – when combined with various ‘omics’ technologies – are increasingly effective at correlating the outcomes of blood or urine tests with diseases such as diabetes. As part of his appointment at the AMC-UvA, Van Riel will develop his computer models further and test them in clinical situations. He will also be contributing to the development of an Amsterdam Diabetes Centre.

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