Call for proposals NWO: Building Blocks of Life (BBoL)

Knowledge of the molecular basis of life, our ‘building blocks’, has increased tremendously through technological breakthroughs from physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and systems analysis of massive data files. Dutch science is currently in an excellent position to take a decisive joint step forward by bringing together these fields of expertise in order to improve the fundamental understanding of cellular systems based on the (molecular) building blocks of life.

Challenging innovations are foreseen in many important scientific and technological fields: such as health care (e.g. personalised medicine), qualitatively and quantitatively improved food supply, sustainable crop production, hybrid techno-biological systems, new materials and intelligent robots based on neural networks, and organisms working under extreme circumstances.

The goal of the NWO research programme ‘Building blocks of life’ is to realise excellent groundbreaking research and to form solid, long-term interdisciplinary collaborations between public and private partners. The total NWO budget for this call is 10 million euro.

Read more about how to apply for this call here. The closing date for the submission of proposals is April 14, 2016, 15:00 hours.

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