Euretos webinar on predictive analytics for target and biomarker discovery: 8 March

DTL partner Euretos presents a webinar ‘Successfully use predictive analytics for novel target and biomarker discovery’ on 8 March (CET) and 15 March (PST). Join their webinar and get up to speed with the latest scientific developments and state of the art technology from Leiden University Medical Centre and Euretos.

Despite concerted efforts of the biotech and pharma industries, the costs of therapy and biomarker development continue to rise. A key driver for this stubbornly upward trend is the necessity to develop personalized drug therapies.

In the area of predictive analytics and computational biology, much progress has been made in recent years to address key challenges in target and biomarker discovery. DTL partners Euretos and Leiden University Medical Centre have collaborated closely in this area, with notable success in predicting biomarkers and targets such as the AURKA gene (novel therapeutic target for breast cancer) and the EGF protein (novel biomarker for chronic kidney disease).

In the webinar, Dr. Kristina Hettne (LUMC) and Arie Baak (Euretos) will show how the Euretos Knowledge Platform enables researchers to identify novel drug targets. Topics of the webinar include:
* The Leiden University Medical Centre and Euretos Collaboration
* Latest research on inferencing biological relations from literature and data
* The Euretos Knowledge Platform
* Discovery use case – discovering efficacious, safe and druggable targets

You can register for the webinar on the Euretos website.

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