28 Projects get access to DTL Technology Hotels

In the 3rd round of the ZonMw programme Enabling Technologies Hotels, 28 Hotel projects have been granted. A total amount of EUR 780.000 was awarded.

ZonMw has received 54 grant applications. Twenty-eight of these (52%) have been awarded. These 28 projects include:

  • 10 from the top sector Life Sciences & Health, 10 from Horticulture and Starting Materials, and 8 from Agri & Food;
  • 9 projects that get access to Genomics hotels, 5 to metabolomics, 3 to bioimaging & phenotyping, 2 to proteomics & structural biology, and 9 to bioinformatics and computational biology.

Summaries of the 28 granted projects can be found in the brochure.

awarded hotel calls per technology area awarded hotel calls per top sector


Data stewardship
Adequate data stewardship is one of the goals of the Enabling Technologies Hotels programme. Therefore, applicants were asked to submit a data management plan as part of the grant application. This plan was also assessed. A data management plan helps researchers to properly prepare their research project. In addition, it ensures that the obtained data will meet the ‘FAIR-data principles’ (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable). ZonMw used the online platform ‘DMPonline’ to enable researchers to collaborate online to create their data management plans.

Enabling Technologies Hotels programme
The programme Enabling Technologies Hotels provides wider access for Dutch researchers to high-end technologies and the connected expertise and infrastructure. This a called the ‘Hotel concept’. Researchers (‘guests’) that have no access to high end technological facilities, can apply for funding for access to a service-oriented research facility (i.e., a ‘hotel’). Researchers can request access to all ‘Technology Hotels’ of DTL.

Five technology areas
Hotels are available in the following areas:

  1. Bioinformatics, Computational and Systems Biology
  2. Genomics (incl. Next Generation Sequencing approaches)
  3. Proteomics & Structural Biology
  4. Metabolomics
  5. Bioimaging & Phenotyping (incl. Advanced Microscopy and Medical Imaging)

Goals of the programme
The main goal of the Enabling Technologies Hotels programme is to introduce public private partnerships (PPP) to high-end technology facilities.

The programme has the following aims:

  • Facilitate the dissemination of unique technological expertise in the Netherlands to other research groups/institutions/Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that have not worked with that technology before
  • To encourage the use of advanced life sciences technologies in public-private partnerships and to stimulate novel interactions among research groups and technology providers and thereby contribute to the advancement of the used technology
  • Propagate the use of data stewardship and data integration principles, methods and standards in advanced multi-technology research projects

The Enabling Technologies Hotels programme is financed by ZonMw and NWO-ALW (Earth and Life Sciences) with support of the top sectors LSH, Agri&Food and Horticulture and Starting Materials.

More information
Sander Hougee, programme officer ZonMw
Telephone: 070 34 95316
Email: THotels@zonmw.nl

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