DTL Learning connects to Domain Applied Science (HBO)

On 24 March 2016, DTL Learning organised a parallel session on Big Data in Research and Education at the annual Domain Applied Science (DAS) conference. The Domain Applied Science is the national association of all HBO departments that issue a Bachelor of Science degree in the Applied Sciences. “We are now exploring further possibilities for collaboration”, says DTL Learning programme leader Celia van Gelder.

Speakers Christiaan Henkel (Hogeschool Leiden) and Jaap Heringa (VU) introduced themes such as data management, data stewardship and FAIR principles. They also discussed the need to train the data experts that should tackle these data challenges in the near future.

DAS consists of fifteen institutes of higher education with nine different educational bachelor programs and two master programs with a total of over 11.000 students. Twenty eight lecturers provide applied research.

One of the missions of DAS is to create a coherent supply of high quality education that is matched with the needs of the working field. In the context of big data, DTL Learning and DAS are currently exploring collaboration to develop a big data education module, which would become available for all DAS HBO schools.

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