Dutch Data Prize: nominate researchers before 1 July 2016

The Dutch Data Prize rewards researchers who have made a special effort to generate accessible research data. The prize is an initiative of Research Data Netherlands, a coalition in which DTL partner SURF participates. Please nominate eligible researchers before 1 July 2016.

The Dutch Data Prize is awarded by Research Data Netherlands, a coalition of 3TU Data Centre, DANS, and SURFsara. Research Data Netherlands aims to promote long-term archiving and reuse of research data.

This year, prizes are awarded in three categories:

  • humanities and social sciences,
  • exact and technical sciences,
  • medical and life sciences.

The winners will receive a sculpture and €5,000, to be spent on making their datasets more accessible. One of the jury members is Professor Ronald Stolk. He is also the chair of the DTL Partner Advisory Committee.

Who is eligible for nomination?
In order to be eligible for the Dutch Data Prize, the nominee’s data must meet the following conditions:

  • The data must be in a ‘trustworthy digital repository’, such as a DSA-certified repository.
  • The data, or the research potential enabled by them, must be of (inter)national importance.
  • The data must make it possible to answer new research questions or identify new answers to old questions.
  • The manager or depositor of the data has made efforts to ensure that the data will be accessible and usable for others in the long term (for example demonstrated by high-quality metadata/documentation).
  • The data must be used extensively, or have this potential.

If you know researchers that deserve this prize, please nominate them before 1 July 2016 using the nomination form on the Research Data Netherlands website. Data that was entered in previous years can be re-nominated.

Further info
Please find more information on the website of Research Data Netherlands.

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