Have your intestines’ residents mapped

MyMicroZoo™ , which is a spin-off of DTL partner BaseClear, offers insight into intestinal complaints by mapping the residents of the intestines of its customers.

“Flatulence, constipation and diarrhea are some of the many intestinal problems that we have to deal with. It is annoying and the cause is often unclear. MyMicroZoo™ now intends to change this by mapping the inhabitants of the intestines (the bacteria) so that bacterial population unbalance can be identified and addressed. MyMicroZoo™ provides a good picture of what is happening in the microscopic zoo that resides in everyone’s body. It tells among other things, which bacteria reside in the intestines and how many there are”, explains MyMicroZoo™.

How it works

Customers can order a sampling kit from the MyMicroZoo™ website. This kit enables them to take a small fecal sample. After the sample is sent to MyMicroZoo™, bacterial DNA is isolated from the sample and analysed using Next generation sequencing technology. An advanced bioinformatics analysis pipeline is then used to generate a graphic interpretation of the type and number of bacteria present in the customer’s gut. In addition, MyMicroZooTM will identify the most important functions of the bacteria present. These results can then be compared to those of groups such as elite sports people or vegetarians.


MyMicroZoo™ is interested in collaborations with microbiota and microbiome researchers. The MyMicroZoo™ community can be asked to participate in research. In addition, MyMicroZoo™ can perform the sampling and analysis. Contact information is available on the MyMicroZoo™website.

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