Bioinformatics Industrial Users Platform starts DTL interest group

The Bioinformatics Industrial Users Platform (BIUP) has decided to strengthen its interaction with DTL by starting a DTL interest group. Within the growing DTL Industry Platform, BIUP will focus on bioinformatics issues and act as a consultative group for DTL. BIUP will be supported by DTL with the organisation of events and communication around BIUP activities.

Since March 2010 BIUP has been active as an open platform for companies interested in bioinformatics, focusing on bioinformatics research, education and infrastructure. Antoine Janssen (Keygene): “We have organised several events among which the yearly BIUP session at the NBIC / BioSB conference and a series of company visits. We have experienced that these activities are valuable to the participants, and we have the ambition to further professionalise, be more active and increase the group of supporting and organising companies. To achieve this goal we decided to strengthen the interaction with DTL.”

The BIUP interest group will organise several activities during the year:

  • Company visits
  • Industry meeting at the annual BioSB conference
  • Networking events

DTL partnership
Emiel Ver Loren van Themaat (DSM): “We actively encourage our supporting companies to become a DTL partner, but since we very much value the open and informal character of our platform, BIUP activities will remain open for all interested and a DTL partnership will not be required to participate in BIUP events.”

Attractive platform
“Tightening the bond between BIUP and DTL aims at an increase of company participation in both organisations and opens up the perspective to become involved in ELIXIR-NL activities coordinated by DTL. We hope that this step results in an even more attractive platform by and for companies active in the field of bioinformatics, in line with international developments”, says Walter Pirovano (BaseClear).

Join the BIUP
The BIUP is open to anyone with an interest in bioinformatics in an industrial/company setting. Please find more information on the DTL website.

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