Euretos launches application to find diseases that can be treated with existing drugs

DTL partner Euretos has launched a groundbreaking new application that finds new disease indications for existing drug targets: ‘Indication Expansion’. Using the Indication Expansion workflow, researchers can find the most suitable alternative indications for an existing target by simultaneously assessing gene variance and expression, in depth target-disease interactions, available in vitro and in vivo experiments, and known therapeutic agents for a specified mechanism of action.

“We provide life scientists with better answers to research questions, faster,” says Aram Krol, head of Product Management at Euretos. “Repurposing of approved drugs may seem an obvious, low risk approach to take. However, the need for personalised drug therapies that target increasingly complex disease mechanisms is making this far from easy. Using this workflow, researchers will find novel disease indications for existing targets that would otherwise not have been considered at all.”

Knowledge platform
One of the challenges in finding alternative indications is the enormous amount of potentially relevant information that needs to be assessed. The Euretos Knowledge Platform is unique in enabling this effectively where ten relevant criteria can be evaluated simultaneously for all possible disease indications. Months of work are now compressed in minutes.

Unique capabilities
“It is the combination of the scope of our knowledge base, the detail of our date model and the on board analytics with the ability to easily verify each underlying statement, that provide unique capabilities to life scientists,” says Krol. “In the area of preclinical therapy development, for instance, we offer very powerful applications that enable researchers to evaluate all major aspects of efficacy, safety and druggability simultaneously to discover promising drug targets or biomarkers”. Bioinformaticians have an API to their disposal that allows for flexible and easy integration of our knowledge in existing workflows.

Our ability to guide researchers to discover novel therapeutic targets or biomarkers is regularly confirmed through recent scientific discoveries in various disease areas, such as: breast cancer, pancreatic cancer , chronic kidney disease and traumatic brain injury.

Read more on the Euretos website.

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