BYOD on Wikipathways, Nanopublications and Rett Syndrome, 1- 3 November 2016, Maastricht

On 1-3 November 2016 Maastricht University will organize a BYOD on WikiPathways, nanopublications and the Rett Syndrome. The BYOD is part of the rare disease use case of ELIXIR-EXCELERATE, and supported by ELIXIR-NL.

The Rett Syndrome is a rare disease actively being studied at Maastricht University. This research combines experimental research and bioinformatics. In this research, nanopublications have a lot to offer to WikiPathways. and the Maastricht WikiPathways team has two incentives. First, WikiPathways contains a lot of statements backed by literature (~12500 different PubMed papers); we wish to expose these statements as nanopublications with provenance, so that they can be linked to other data sets. Second, in the future, we like to use external nanopublications as information sources to be cited, just like PubMed papers are now cited. Using this kind of integration we expect to be able to increase the amount of provenance available in WikiPathways and we want to use this to explore which types of external nanopublications can be considered as evidence for statements that are part of pathways.

The goal of this BYOD is aimed at the first motivation. We like to make nanopublications out of WikiPathways and link this up to other data sources. This is particular relevant for the Rett Syndrome and other rare diseases, where few data are available and integration data makes a difference.

Please contact Mascha Jansen if you’d like to join this BYOD.

More information

Time and place: 1-3 November 2016, Maastricht University

Venue address: Co Greep zaal, UNS60, 5th floor, Universiteitssingel 60, 6229 ER Maastricht, The Netherlands


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