Please fill in the national survey on research data management

Please provide your opinion in a national survey on Research Data Management (RDM). This survey is organised by the National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM), a national initiative in which many DTL partners participate. The questionnaire will require about ten minutes of your time. You will receive the results, enabling you to compare your RDM practices with those of other research organisations in the Netherlands.

You might have heard about the recently shaped research data management policies issued by your organisation, funding programs such as H2020 or academic publishers. Proper research data management is expected to facilitate sharing and reusing of data, increasing transparency in science. But do you think you have the proper training, infrastructure and support to meet these expectations? You are invited to take part in a national survey on Research Data Management where your perspective matters.

Your opinion matters
This survey offers you the opportunity to give your opinion on RDM and provide more input about what you expect from RDM as a researcher. Your contribution will be combined with results obtained from researchers across the Netherlands and guide future developments of RDM policies and infrastructures. The results of the survey will be processed anonymously. Thank you for your time and valuable input!

Questions? Please contact Ingeborg Verheul at ingeborg.verheul [at]

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