Biobanking in the cloud

There is no question that health research benefits from the accumulation of data: the more there is, the more reliable the conclusions drawn from it. Yet, to gather the required amount of data and bio-resources, remains a tricky proposition for small to middling biotech companies, general hospitals, clinical centres of expertise, and academic centres alike. How do you set about gathering a data set that is large, well-structured, and standardised, and that meets with all legal and ethical standards? Well, that’s simple. You join One Health BioBank, which is an initiative of DTL partners Quaero Systems and Pivot Park Screening Centre.

One Health BioBank is set up for anybody who collects biodata (or wants to do so): hospitals, researchers, biotech start-ups, pharma companies, universities, patient initiatives, or multidisciplinary collaboration projects. After winning the Province Flevoland’s Humanimal One Health Innovation award in 2015, the project has launched three proof of concept cases, and is a rapidly growing bio-resource.

One Health BioBank offers biobanking services in the cloud. Data storage, cataloguing, search, exchange, and analysis are made possible by an open data network with standardised, FAIR procedures and one common governance structure. The network incorporates collections of human, veterinarian and agricultural data. Physical storage of biomaterials is also possible. To what extent data is made available remains up to the owners of the collections. One Health BioBank facilitates and offers a shared services platform to accommodate every specific biobanking need.

Services provided are, for instance, storage, transport and distribution of samples and data (physical or virtual biobank), lab processing, data and quality management, data analysis, a catalogue, data and samples request brokerage, standardisation and harmonisation of methods and semantics, administrative and logistic processes, and data governance.

Due to the combination of the shared services model, which makes responsible and well-governed biobanking accessible to any institute, foundation or company that wants to do so, while at the same time making large quantities of data and samples accessible for research, One Health BioBank is set to become a catalyst for Dutch research into human and veterinarian diseases, the development of treatment and medicine and agro-innovation.

Join One Health BioBank
This year, using the proof of concept cases as exercise ground, One Health BioBank is building the pipelines and procedures that will make it a fully-fledged streamlined biobanking facilitator. The initiative is set to be fully operational in 2017. If you are interested in becoming a partner of One Health Biobank and becoming a part of this revolutionary development, let them know by e-mail.

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