Hands-on Python Booster Session: a report

On 3 October 2016, DTL partner Data Computing organised a one-day training called ‘Python Booster Session’ in collaboration with SURF Academy.

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Ad Thiers, Sr. Technical Consultant at Data Computing: “The ‘Booster’ in the name already suggests that the participants had to go full steam ahead. So many topics were covered in just one day. As expected and hoped, many participants already had ‘googled’ quite some Python facts. The added value of the training was to provide a basic understanding and knowledge about what design to apply in a given situation, instead of trying bits of code until it works …”

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Jupyter Notebook
“The training consisted of a combination of presentations, interspersed with hands-on assignments in Jupyter Notebook, Python embedded in a web page. It contains the description of the exercises and blocks in which to type in the answer (code). The created code can be executed in the page itself. The obvious advantage: you do not have to switch between exercise document, editor and command line. All in all, it was a successful training, not for the ‘faint of heart’, but for those who want to be introduced to one of the most important tools in scientific computing and data analysis in a very short time frame. To be continued!” concludes Thiers.

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