Health-RI Conference: 22 November deadline for poster abstracts

On 1 December 2016, the Health-RI Conference will take place at Theater De Flint in Amersfoort. After last year’s successful event under the name ‘Empowering Personalized Medicine and Health Research Conference’, BBMRI-NL, ELIXIR-NL, EATRIS-NL, DTL, NFU, Health~HollandFHI and FMS will jointly host this second edition. The conference will include a poster session; the deadline for submitting poster abstracts is 22 November at 17.00 hrs.

The poster session’s theme is ‘Creating a sustainable solution for personalised medicine and health’. The Health-RI conference focuses on how to optimally prepare the Netherlands for implementation of personalised medicine and health for every Dutch citizen, leading to improvements in healthcare and disease prevention.

What are your ideas?
How can we create and use sustainable solutions based on one Health Research Infrastructure?

Share your expertise, experience and ideas. So, if you:

  • are a researcher that benefits from the research infrastructure for high quality research;
  • have a biobank, cohort, registry, dataset or other research collection that profits from an infrastructure;
  • have a biobank, cohort, registry, dataset or other research collection and run into obstacles, like for example the lack of an appropriate infrastructure or data policies;
  • are pursuing proper data stewardship to make research more transparent and FAIR;
  • are involved in quality and privacy aspects of data and samples (e.g. Helpdesk, ELSI = Ethical, Legal, Societal Implications);
  • developed IT-tools, technologies, and equipment that innovate data analyses;
  • have set up an infrastructure, network or consortium to improve aspects of personalised medicine and health;
  • are embedding a personalised medicine approach into healthcare;

then submit a short abstract, explaining how your work can contribute or benefit from Health-RI’s mission by presenting your results and stating what you offer and need from Health-RI. Abstracts have a maximum length of 1/2 A4 and include a title and a contact person.

You can send abstracts and questions to Petra van Overveld.
Deadline: November 16, 17.00 hrs.

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