Data handling: what’s in a name?

There currently is a lack of consensus about the nomenclature of various concepts in the field of data handling. This regularly gives rise to confusion. A number of people involved in the Data4lifesciences programme have generated a list of terms and definitions related to data handling. The team would appreciate your feedback on the list.

Links to the terms and definitions:

  • PDF-version  (persistent URL, i.e., the URL will not change if updates are made);
  • Review version (feel free to suggest changes).

About Data4lifesciences
In the Data4lifesciences programme, the eight university medical centres are developing a national infrastructure for life science data in collaboration with DTL, BBMRI-NL2.0, SURF, and other national organisations. Data4lifesciences aims for an infrastructure to capture, process, analyse, archive and share research data, including an extensive data expertise network.

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