Successful FAIR data workshop for DTL partners

On 3 and 4 November 2016, DTL ran a workshop ‘FAIR Data Stewardship for Discovery and Innovation’ especially for its partners. Dr Erik Schultes (FAIR Data Scientific Projects Lead at DTL): “Technology and policy around data stewardship and open science are advancing rapidly. This event gave the DTL partners a comprehensive overview of Dutch and international trends. The participants know what to expect in the coming years and exactly where to go for new technology for open science.”

Good data stewardship is rapidly becoming an essential part of modern science. To facilitate data stewardship and to promote open science, a broad community of international stakeholders have developed the FAIR principles, that ensure data are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. The FAIR principles have been embraced by both the European Commission and the G20.


The DTL network actively promotes FAIR data stewardship, for instance by organising ‘Bring your own data (BYOD) workshops’ and FAIR hackathons. DTL also drives the development of technology and other infrastructure to support FAIR data stewardship. Therefore, we offered DTL partners a workshop about the latest developments. Day one (3 November) was a condensed version of the inspiring LERU summer school that DTL co-organised last July, whereas day 2 (4 November) was a more technical, BYOD-type session, offering participants insight in the need for and benefits of FAIR data and the methodology. Erik Schultes: “The workshop was attended by 51 people on day one, and 36 on day two. These people represented 22 DTL partner organisations, including 10 companies.”

Some feedback from the participants:

Well invested time! Good topics and well-organised.

I learned a lot about the technical difficulties of FAIR data, especially about the interoperability and re-usability part of FAIR.

More information

You can find the presentations on our website.

We welcome your input on which data sets you would like to see made FAIR (FAIR Data survey).

If you would like more information about FAIR Data, BYODs (to make data FAIR), FAIR hackathons (to make tools FAIR), FAIR Data training, ELIXIR-NL, or Health-RI, please see or contact:

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