National Plan Open Science presented

Today, the National Plan Open Science has been launched in The Hague. The plan lists the current activities and ambitions of the parties in the Netherlands that intend to take action to make science more open. The plan is a response to a recent call of the State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science, asking a broad coalition of stakeholders to jointly develop a National Plan Open Science.


The key ambitions of the National Plan Open Science are:

  1. Full open access to publications in 2020: Continue the Dutch approach for all Dutch research organisations and research areas whilst recognising their differences and similarities;
  2. To make research data optimally suited for reuse: To set clear and agreed technical and policy-related preconditions to facilitate reuse of research data, including provision of the necessary expertise and support;
  3. Recognition and rewards: To examine together how open science can be an element of the evaluation and reward system for researchers, research groups and research proposals;
  4. To promote and support: To establish a ‘clearing house’ for all information regarding all available research support.

Actively involved
DTL is actively involved in the National Plan Open Science in several ways. DTL and its partner SURF pull the GO FAIR initiative, which has now been taken up by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and is part of the National Plan Open Science. This afternoon, Karel Luyben (chair of the DTL Board and chair of the GO FAIR Task Force) signed the National Plan on behalf of GO FAIR.

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