Beyond Banking Hackathon 9-11 June

On 9-11 June, ABN AMRO will organise an open ‘Beyond Banking’ hackathon in the ‘Sugar Factory’ in Halfweg, between Amsterdam and Haarlem. Several data sets are available during the hackathon, including datasets about cells of leukemia patients and healthy people, provided by Dr Jules Meijerink (Princess Maxima Center for pediatric oncology) and Professor Peter van der Spek (Erasmus MC Rotterdam).

The Beyond Banking website explains what is expected from participants: “At the hackathon we will give you a USB drive with datasets about sick (leukemia) and healthy people’s cells and hope you can tell the difference at the genomic level. We hope your data analysis can tell us more about why one patient responds better to treatment than other patients. Triggered? Are you good with huge amounts of data? Read this post and submit your team.

Banking as you know it is about to change. Starting 2018, all European banks will allow customers to provide trusted parties to their data. From then on, every licensed third party can access customers’ accounts, transactions and initiate payments. This means outside developers can build apps on bank APIs. During the Beyond Banking Days hackathon, you’ll be the first to get access to ABN AMRO’s APIs. The bank challenges you to come up with new ideas, combining the building blocks of a bank with their carefully selected API partners.

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