2 BYODs coming up

DTL frequently organises ‘Bring your own data’ (BYOD) workshops, where research data are made FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). The FAIR data principles act as an international guideline for good data stewardship. In BYODs, domain experts work side by side with FAIR data experts to get hands-on experience with FAIRifying real-world datasets. Two BYODs will be organised in May and June 2017. Please contact Mascha Jansen if you want to know more about these BYODs or other FAIR data activities.

FAIRifying your research data has numerous advantages:

  • more ways to interact with your data,
  • large volumes of data become manageable,
  • better (re)use of data,
  • more and more funding agencies are mandating proper data stewardship of research data.

It is expected that the need for connecting and functionally interlinking datasets will increase with the growing popularity of cross-omics experiments.  

30 May – 1 June: ELIXIR BrAPI BYOD/hackathon
An ELIXIR BrAPI BYOD/hackathon, organised by ELIXIR Belgium and ELIXIR-NL, will take place in Ghent, Belgium on 30 May – 1 June. The main aim of this event is to showcase the potential of FAIR data in the context of plant research and a hackathon on how to make the interoperability platform within the plant domain (BrAPI) FAIR reusing the general accepted MIAPPE standards and assessing data validation with ISA-TOOLS.

6-8 June: Cancer genomics BYOD
UMC Utrecht and DTL will organise a cancer genomics Bring Your Own Data workshop (BYOD) on 6-8 June 2017 in Utrecht. In this workshop, four ‘Cancer Genomics Center’ datasets will be made completely FAIR.  The workshop will demonstrate the advantages of real interoperability. After three days, we would like to test if it is possible to get the same results as were obtained when combining the datasets manually, by running just a few queries. FAIRifying data will result in better (re)use of data, in the cancer genomics field and beyond.


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