Plant phenotype BYOD/hackathon in Ghent: a report

ELIXIR Belgium and ELIXIR-NL organised a BYOD/hackathon in Ghent (Belgium) on 30 May – 1 June 2017. The event demonstrated the potential of FAIR data in plant research. In addition, it included a hackathon to make BrAPI (the interoperability platform within the plant domain) FAIR.

The event was organised to showcase the potential of FAIR data in the context of plant phenotypic data. The Plant use case (WP7) of the ELIXIR EXCELERATE project has ambitions to make plant data more interoperable. The hackathon participants worked on maize data sets from VIB (Belgium) and INRA (France), as well as a tomato data set from WUR (NL).

The team tried to re-use the most widely used standards for interoperability such as Breeding API (BrAPI) and Minimal Information About a Plant Phenotyping Experiment (MIAPPE), while moving towards FAIR data. With the help of FAIRifier, FairDataPoint, and supporting ontologies (Maize phenotypic ontology, Solanaceae Phenotype Ontology from Crop Ontology consortium), we got the first FAIR demonstration of our data set in BrAPI endpoints. This data is stored here:

The event welcomed 22 participants from seven ELIXIR nodes (Belgium, the Netherlands, France, UK, Slovenia, Italy, Germany), including representation of BioSamples and ISA tools. The full list of participants is: Richard Finkers (WUR, NL), Frederik Coppens (VIB, BE), Rafael Abbeloos (VIB, BL), Tony Burdett (EMBL-EBI, UK), Adam Faulconbridge (EMBL-EBI, UK), Kees Burger (DTL, NL), Mélanie Buy (INRA, FR) , Sarah Bohen-Boulakia (LRI, FR), Guillaume Cornut (INRA, FR), Carlos Horro (EI, UK), Rajaram Kaliyaperumal (LUMC,NL), Célia Michotey (INRA, FR), Eliana Papoutsoglou (WUR, NL), Cyril Pommier (INRA, FR), Philippe Rocca-Serra (Oxford, UK), Gurnoor Singh (WUR, NL), Stephen Rudd (IPK, DE), Luiz Bonino (DTL, NL), Bruno (Trento, Italy), Electra Tapanari (EMBL-EBI, UK), Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran(Oxford, UK), Ziva Ramsak (NIB,SI), Matija Obreza (Global Crop Diversity Trust, SI).

About BYODs and FAIR hackathons
At a Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) workshop, experts assist you in making your research data FAIR. The main goal of these three-day events is to make your data FAIR using linked data technology, and to combine your data with other FAIR datasets to answer a scientific question. FAIR Data hackathons have the purpose of making research tools FAIR.

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