Data4lifesciences symposium: 11 September in Utrecht

With speakers from the heart of the Data4lifesciences programme, the upcoming Data4lifesciences symposium promises to be a vibrant networking event as well as an inspiring showcase of the programme’s first results. You are kindly invited to join this symposium on 11 September 2017 in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht.

The Data4lifesciences programme aims to realise an integrated research data infrastructure interconnecting the eight Dutch UMCs and their partners. This infrastructure should ultimately become an important component of Health-RI, the national data infrastructure for personalised medicine & health research. An important underlying principle in connecting the existing infrastructure is FAIR data stewardship (i.e., making research data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable). The symposium will focus on Data4lifesciences’ ambition to make biomedical data more easily available for scientific research in a safe and responsible way.

Target audience
The symposium will present the first results of the Data4lifesciences programme, with concrete examples of the application of Data4lifesciences solutions in UMC research programmes. This symposium is particularly useful for people that are using data and IT in biomedical research on a daily basis, ranging from people with an IT background to researchers, research support staff, and policy makers. The presentations will include success stories as well as hurdles and pitfalls in this new domain. We will facilitate an open dialogue with the audience to discuss the next steps needed to ensure a broad adoption of Data4lifesciences’ results by researchers in the Dutch research institutes.


  • Keynote: Role of data in personalised medicine (Edwin Cuppen)
  • Making data and samples findable and accessible across the Dutch UMCs (Morris Swertz)
  • The digital research environment: safely sharing and using data (Arnoud van der Maas)
  • From the trenches of IT support for research: a researcher and IT-expert about the lessons learned in their collaboration (speakers to be announced)
  • Systematic use of care data in research – a use case in head and neck cancer (André Dekker)
  • Conclusion: future plans Data4lifesciences, feedback from the audience (Jaap Verweij)

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Practical information

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