Looking back on the Single Cell Analysis BioSB HotTopics Meeting

On 21 September 2017, the BioSB HotTopics meeting on Single Cell Analysis took place at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). The meeting was organised by the Leiden Computational Biology Center and sponsored by the BioSB Research School, LUMC, and 10x Genomics.

The meeting was attended by approximately 80 attendees and included four presentations covering different aspects of single cell data analysis:

  • single cell eQTL (Lude Franke, UMC Groningen),
  • interactive analysis of millions of cells (Thomas Höllt, LUMC/TU Delft),
  • using single cell sequencing to study stem cell development (Patrick van den Berg, Leiden University),
  • single cell sequencing to study pancreatic tissue (Mauro Muraro, Hubrecht Institute).

The meeting provided a great opportunity for the participants to learn more about cutting-edge single cell technologies. The participants also shared ideas about the various computational methods used to analyse the single cell data.

For impressions, check the photos and for more information, please contact Ahmed Mahfouz (LUMC).

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