Castor completes prototype of dynamic consent management platform MyConsent

As part of a BBMR voucher and in collaboration with researchers from the University of Oxford, Leiden University Medical Center and DTL, Castor has completed the first prototype of the dynamic consent management platform MyConsent

Using secure authentication and cryptographic techniques, MyConsent facilitates the creation of an anonymous link between a research participant and datasets stored elsewhere, which lays the foundation of an anonymous two-way communication thread between researchers and research participants. With this link, researchers are able to ask research participants for consent without having to know their identity, only using the dataset identifier.

This is especially relevant with regard to the re-use of existing data. Data re-use often requires research participants to re-consent for the new study purpose, which is costly and slow when done on paper. By using an online portal instead, this process would be made significantly easier, while at the same time maintaining patient privacy and giving research participants the chance to review and change their decisions at any time.

An integration of the MyConsent in a Personal Locker prototype that allows research participants to control access to FAIR-compliant data, will be reveiled at the Health-RI conference 2017.

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