Working on research software? Please take the Research Software Engineer Survey

The Netherlands Research Software Engineer community (NL-RSE) would like to invite everyone working on research software in the Netherlands to complete the RSE survey and spread the word.

The questionnaire gives you the opportunity to express your views about your current job and give us information about your career path. We hope the information will help funders, universities, and other research organisations develop policies that will support RSEs.

Netherlands Research Software Engineer Community
The Netherlands Research Software Engineer community (NL-RSE) was started to gain insight into the various communities of RSEs in the Netherlands and to increase the interaction between them. RSE surveys in the UK in 2016 and 2017 have generated valuable insights and helped spread the word about the RSE movement. That is why the Netherlands eScience CenterePLAN (Platform of eScience/Data Research Centres in the Netherlands), NL-RSE, and the UK RSE Association are organising this survey in the Netherlands now. Contact persons in the Netherlands are Ben van Werkhoven and Tom Bakker from the Netherlands eScience Center.

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