Metrics for the evaluation of FAIRness

A team of FAIR principles authors and drivers have published a core set of semi-quantitative metrics for the evaluation of FAIRness. You can read the preprint about these FAIR Metrics on bioRxiv.

“One of the big questions around the FAIR principles has been how to measure what we call their ‘FAIRness’. This paper takes an important first step in that direction, and will serve as a springboard for community discussion and eventual adoption of a common set of metrics,” says Michel Dumontier of Maastricht University. Mark Wilkinson of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid adds: “In this paper, we describe the production of a core set of semi-quantitative metrics that have universal applicability for the evaluation of FAIRness. The FAIR metrics can be used to quantify the degree to which a digital resource is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. We also report on a rubric within which additional metrics can be generated by the community.”

The work is the output from a stakeholder-representative group, founded by a core of FAIR principles co-authors and drivers. Susanna-Assunta Sansone of the University of Oxford: “Founding this small focus group was a natural and timely step for us, but we have gone a great length to gather use cases and requirements from the communities, organisations, and projects we are core members of. We now seek input from the community to more broadly discuss their merit.”

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