Applying bioinformatics and data science competency frameworks to ELIXIR Training: workshop report

On 4-6 April 2018, 25 participants from within and outside ELIXIR (BD2K, H3AbioNet, EDISON, CODATA-RDA) gathered in Amsterdam for the workshop ‘Applying bioinformatics and data science competency frameworks to ELIXIR Training‘.

The workshop was organised by the ELIXIR Training Platform. The participants presented and discussed the state of the art of the work that is going on in bioinformatics and data science competency frameworks. In addition, they discussed the next steps for implementation. This workshop was the kick-off of the ELIXIR Implementation Study on Learning Paths. In several breakout sessions, groups worked further in defining and understanding the use cases that will be tackled in the Implementation Study and their training needs, and how to describe these within the competencies and KSA framework. For each use case, champions were identified. Together, we will take the next steps in defining the learning paths that will also be implemented in TeSS. Slides and posters are available online.

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