A journey around data stewardship initiatives in the Netherlands

One of DTL’s roles is to enable Dutch life science professionals to learn from each other’s experiences in organising data stewardship support and training. In a series of four articles, professionals that are committed to this share their story.

Dr Salome Scholtens of the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) explains: “In the past, scientists managed all data-related aspects of their work themselves. In some fields, such as genetics and epidemiology, this already became impossible about ten years ago. So, these fields recruited data experts to help them analyse and manage the massive amounts of complex data that were generated. In recent years, the need for data expertise has extended to other domains of science. This is because science in general is becoming more interdisciplinary and most fields are now working with large and complex data sets. In addition, data-related legislation is changing. So, research institutes now realise that scientists need data stewardship training, support, and infrastructure. Each institution is dealing with this same puzzle and they all start with another piece of the puzzle.”

Read how four DTL partners are approaching the puzzle:

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