New Implementation Study will facilitate FAIR Data Management & Analysis

ELIXIR-NL will coordinate a new Implementation Study that aims to deliver a user-friendly FAIR Data management & analysis application as an EU cloud service: ‘myFAIR Cloud Analysis’. The service will be executed using the advanced INDIGO PaaS services on top of any ELIXIR Compute Platform cloud resource.

Andrew Stubbs of Erasmus MC is the study’s coordinator: “ELIXIR-NL, ELIXIR-IT, and EMBL-EBI are involved in this new Implementation Study. It will start on 1 September 2018 and run for a nine-month period.”

MyFAIR is a web application that was developed within ELIXIR-NL by Rick Jansen and Saskia Hiltemann (Erasmus MC). It allows scientists to manage FAIR data and to perform end-to-end data analysis, while adhering to the FAIR data principles. It consists of three components: a user-friendly python-based web application (myFAIR), Galaxy for analytical workflows, and EUDAT B2DROP for FAIR data storage.

Cloud service
Stubbs: “Our aim is to extend myFAIR Analysis into a cloud-based service that can be executed using the advanced INDIGO PaaS services on-top of any ELIXIR Compute Platform cloud resource. This will make the advanced features provided by INDIGO accessible to the ELIXIR community. We will demonstrate the utility of this myFAIR cloud using existing validated test case scenarios (e.g., Mothur-SOP and/or EGA). In the end, we want to provide myFAIR Analysis as a research service cloud (myFAIR CLOUD Analysis) supporting single/multi-users and single/multi-centers in FAIR data management and analysis.”


About ELIXIR Implementation Studies
Implementation Studies are short technical projects to inform future service development, drive standards adoption, and connect ELIXIR’s 21 Nodes. The projects are funded through the budget of the ELIXIR Hub and form part of ELIXIR’s ongoing activities in a particular Platform or Community. Read more.

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