ELIXIR-NL course: Bioinformatics for Translational Medicine using Galaxy: see it, do it, teach it!

Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for data-intensive biomedical research. On 17-19 October 2018, ELIXIR-NL and the BioSB research school will organise a Galaxy course ‘Bioinformatics for Translational Medicine using Galaxy: see it, do it, teach it!’ The course is meant for biomedical & translational medicine researchers who are keen on bioinformatics and for educators in the ‘bio domain’ who would like to start using Galaxy in their courses as an introduction to bioinformatics.

At this course, participants can learn some useful bioinformatics workflows in Galaxy (Part 1) and pick up some theories and practices in bioinformatics teaching (Part 2). Participants can register for both parts separately. 

Galaxy training is one of the key focus areas of DTL learning/ELIXIR-NL Training. DTL Learning programme manager Dr Celia van Gelder explains: “This course is special because it is the first course that ELIXIR-NL organises with funding from the ELIXIR EXCELERATE project. In fact, this is one of the deliverables of EXCELERATE’s training work package. In addition, it is the first tangible result of the intensified collaboration between DTL/ELIXIR-NL and BioSB.”

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