C. Titus Brown keynote speaker at DTL Communities@Work 2018

C. Titus Brown is an Associate Professor in the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis. At the DTL Communities@Work conference, he will give a keynote lecture about the NIH Data Commons: a vision to support sustainable and innovative knowledge production from the biomedical community.

Professor C. Titus Brown

C. Titus Brown works on methods in data intensive research across the biosciences, computer science, and software engineering. He is passionate about open science and socio-technical systems for community development of research infrastructure. He regularly blogs on these topics at ivory.idyll.org/blog/. All of his software is open source at GitHub.com/dib-lab/, and he is on Twitter @ctitusbrown.

His keynote lecture will be about the NIH Data Commons. The overarching goal of the NIH Data Commons is to accelerate new biomedical discoveries by developing and testing a cloud-based platform where investigators can store, share, access, and interact with digital objects (data, software, etc.) generated from biomedical and behavioral research. By connecting the digital objects and making them accessible, the Data Commons should facilitate novel scientific research that was not possible before.

Read more about the DTL Communities@Work conference, 2 October 2018, Jaarbeurs Utrecht

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