2 October: Modelling Human Metabolism workshop at DTL Communities@Work

Professor Ilja Arts (Maastricht University) and Professor Natal van Riel (TU Eindhoven, AMC) will organise a workshop ‘Modelling Human Metabolism’ at the DTL Communities@Work conference on 2 October 2018 in Utrecht. The BioSB research school and the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre are involved as co-organisers.

The Netherlands has a large and strong community of researchers that are involved in mechanistic modelling of human metabolism. By joining forces, we can greatly accelerate progress in this field. This workshop is open to researchers from various relevant communities, including modellers, experimentalists, and clinicians. We will discuss the concepts, methods, opportunities, and challenges in the field. We aim to create a multidisciplinary platform to address how metabolic modelling can answer important scientific questions and contribute to applications in healthcare and nutrition, and what needs to be done to achieve this. The result of the workshop will be a community-agreed research agenda for the (near) future. Please join us!

Two sessions
The workshop (max. 50 participants) will consist of two sessions of two hours each, starting with short presentations outlining approaches used, challenges identified, and collaborations needed, followed by longer, moderated discussions:

Morning session (10:00-12:00): Which approaches are currently used to model human metabolism, what are the challenges, and what is needed to address these?

Afternoon session (13:30-15:30): What are novel developments in data generation of human metabolism? How can we use the full potential of metabolic modelling to address important scientific questions and applications in disease, nutrition, and drug metabolism?

DTL Communities@work
On 2 October 2018, DTL will organise its Communities@Work conference in Utrecht. The  conference welcomes all professionals working in the fields of life science and data science to participate and jointly develop life science data solutions. The meeting will feature lectures, interactive workshops, poster presentations, stakeholder and sponsor booths, and it will offer ample network opportunities. All activities are organised in close collaboration with DTL partner communities. Read more and register.

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