First steps towards a standardized terminology for (future) FAIR data stewards- a work in progress

What are the competencies, skills and knowledge data stewards need to have to make and keep data FAIR?

On 20-21 May 2019, representatives of the research data community (including DTL members) came together to make the first steps towards a standardized terminology describing FAIR stewardship skills.

When mature, this will have a variety of use cases, including: (i) assisting with the creation and assessment of data stewardship curricula; (ii) facilitating the annotation, discovery and evaluation of FAIR-enabling materials (e.g for trainings) and resources; and (iii) thus allowing the formalization of job descriptions and CVs with recognized competencies.

A second workshop will follow in September-November 2019. The community welcomes any new collaborators and input. Please find more information here.

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