SME Forum “distributed data analysis – the (health) data train” 10-11 October 2019 in Utrecht

Are you a researcher or professional in the healthcare sector or in agrifood, biotech or nature preservation collaborating with colleagues outside your organisation? Are you facing challenges in working with data generated outside your own lab? Are you involved in making data management and data sharing more effective in your organisation? Or are you just interested to learn more about data-driven innovations in the life-science sector? Then please join us in the ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum in Utrecht on 10-11 October with a focus on “distributed data analysis – the (health) data train”

The Personal Health Train approach propagates not to physically share data but to make use of each others data through distributed data analysis. The Dutch government has endorsed this approach in December 2018 and is now preparing to implement this novel strategy in the Dutch health care information system. The ‘FAIR data train’ concept can be more broadly implemented also outside the health sector. A mixture of high-level keynote speakers and interactive sessions (such as Flash Talks for SMEs, Start-Ups and bioinformatics service providers) will give participants from academia, companies, policy makers and collaborators from the ELIXIR network a chance to learn more about distributed data analysis in the life sciences sectors.

We particularly invite start-ups, SMEs and research teams providing bioinformatics and data management services to sign up for a flash talk during the 1st day of the event!

This event is a collaborative effort, organized by ELIXIR, ELIXIR Netherlands and DTL.

More information about the programme and registration

You can still register. Registration deadline is October 7!

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