The EU-funded ELIXIR Europe project CONVERGE, bringing together FAIR life-science data management in all ELIXIR countries, officially kicked off

ELIXIR-NL and DTL (as the coordinating head office) are more than happy to be part of it. Integrating earlier efforts from an ELIXIR Implementation study on Data Stewardship and from the ZonMw funded work on Data Stewardship competencies and skills, ELIXIR-NL will lead the training and capacity building activities. The aim is to establish a comprehensive ELIXIR Training and Capacity building programme in Data Management, directed at both data managers and ELIXIR users. It will be connected to national ELIXIR training programmes in Data Management (including prospective ELIXIR members).

Additionally, DTL and our European collaborators will be advancing the Data Stewardship Wizard within this project. As this tool deploys a question-based decision tree, it could also point them towards adequate ELIXIR tools. Different answers to questions like “Do you work with privacy sensitive data?” can then suggest different sets of ELIXIR services.

The ELIXIR CONVERGE project will further build on and align with the national roadmaps of all 23 ELIXIR nodes. To make this happen, a European-wide expert network of Data Stewards is needed, connecting national data centres and/or similar infrastructures.

Another key element is fostering the development of interoperable solutions following international best practice, including national interpretations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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